1. Log in to the site via Steam.

2. Set your Steam Trade URL.

3. Choose the items from Yours & BOT inventory that you want to trade.

4. Press the big TRADE button on the center. Make sure the value of your items is worth equal or little bit more than BOT's - else you won't be able to press it.

5. Wait few seconds for the trade offer, confirm the trade & enjoy your new skins :)

6. If your sum is higher than bot trade difference will be added to your balance.


1. Why is my skin Unavailable?

- Overstock - our bots have too many skins like this
- Price is lower than 0.20$
- Unstable price - price of the skin has been changing too much @ Steam Market

2. Is CS.TRADE safe?

Yes! CS.TRADE is fully automatic, non-deposit system and you can always check if the Steam trade offer you receive is right!

3. How can I get 2% bonus when trading?

- Add CS.TRADE to your nickname
- Relog on the website
- It should say 2% Bonus is active!

There is also additional bonus given by promo code. You can check details here FREE SKINS

4. Why I don't see some of my skins in inventory?

- Click on the refresh button (Round button - top left corner)
- If they are still not there, it means that they are not available for a trade

5. When I make the trade, it say's that some of the items are no more available.

- In this case you should refresh the bot inventory, if the error persists - you have to wait a minute and refresh it again

6. I can't trade with the bots! Why's that?

- Because you either have trade hold or you haven't used the Steam Mobile Authenticator for 7 days.

7. What happens when sum of my items is higher than bot's?

- When you accept the trade trade difference will be returned to your balance.